Music Services

  • Engaging Music Performances
  • Inspiring Testimonies
  • Reigniting Parish and School Communities
  • Tailored, Adaptable Workshops
  • Solo or Full Band Bookings


Gen provides a wide range of workshop and performance options for school, churches and communities. Each presentation is developed to connect, engage and inspire.

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Primary School Engagements

Sharing her faith journey through interactive and energetic music, Gen inspires students with her stories of discovering faith, and how she uses her gifts and talents to make the world a more joyful and spiritual place.

  • Sacramental Programs (Reflection Days, Information Sessions, Masses)
  • School Concerts
  • Liturgical Celebrations
  • Student Workshops
  • Retreats and Reflection Days
  • Staff Workshops
"Genevieve actively lives out her faith and is a role model to the children she comes in contact with. She is able to inspire through real-life experiences and demonstrates how you can be active in your faith."
Debbie Geisler Deputy Principal, St Ambrose Parish Primary School, Woodend VIC
"Gen’s ability to engage participants and respond to their needs is a gift. She beautifully added to the prayer and the spirit of our Conference Mass and Morning Prayer."
Helen Healy Vice President, Victorian Association of Catholic Primary Schools (VACPSP)
"Gen was fantastic, her ability to engage the students and staff with her music was great. Our students are still singing her songs and around the school yard and keep asking when is she coming back! Through her music our entire school now sings at our school mass"
Helena Balazs Music Teacher, Our Lady’s Primary School, Craigieburn

Secondary School Engagements

Sharing her faith journey through her music, Gen explores the moments that have encouraged her and those that have held her back. She inspires with her stories of overcoming moments of doubt, and how her connection to faith and community have encouraged her to listen to the spirit and flourish as a young Catholic artist.

  • School Concerts
  • Student Workshops
  • Retreats and Reflection Days
  • Liturgical Celebrations
  • Staff Workshops
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"I would be recommending Genevieve for any school who is looking for an engaging, interactive performance that shares the idea of journey, faith and personal growth."
Tania Grace Assistant Principal - Mission, Aquinas College, Ringwood VIC
"Gen is bringing young people together in Faith through her music and songs. Gen inspires young people."
Tammy Delegate for Vietnamese Catholic Community Youth Ministry
"Genevieve was acclaimed by all the staff who attended her workshop. They not only enjoyed the session, it was also a point of discussion for a while afterwards, with staff sharing what aspects they each found most rewarding. This was exactly what we were after."
Frank Cumbo Liturgy, Faith & Mission Coordinator, St Monica’s College Epping VIC

Parish and Youth Engagements

Gen inspires and re-energises communities by bringing together faith and the power of prayer through music. In addition to being a well known performer at major events such as the Australian Catholic Youth Festival, World Youth Day and many other national youth festivals across Australia, she is committed to providing ongoing local support as a highly qualified music minister for a number of parishes. Gen engages people of all ages through interactive and authentic testimony.

  • Major Events and Festivals
  • Youth Rallies
  • Parish Workshops
  • Liturgical Workshops
  • Liturgical Services (Weddings, Liturgical Services)
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